Green Coffee Beans Review

by Drinkster Staff
Updated: 8/25/12
Green Coffee

Recently, Green Coffee Beans have received a ton of positive press from Dr. Oz and a variety of credible sources on TV and radio. But is it just another passing fad? Read on for more details and to find out if they're right for you.

What Are Green Coffee Beans?

The important distinction to make here is that you're not consuming raw coffee beans. Rather, the "secret" ingredient is extracted from the bean in the form of natural chlorogenic acid. No, it's not gonna melt your face off. It's an extremely mild acid that's been recently proven to markedly improve your body's potential to lose weight. Here's more on the study:

Published in the diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity journal, the study followed 16 people who were supplemented with green coffee bean and strictly monitored for only 22 weeks. On average, the subjects dropped 17 lbs each. Click here to read more about the study. Here's more scientific backing... according to a recent double-blind crossover study, green coffee extract may be the secret "miracle" ingredient. In this study, 16 overweight adults took either a high dose (1050 mg) of green coffee extract, a low dose (700 mg) or a placebo over 22 weeks to test its safety and effectiveness for melting down fat cells.

Amazingly, the participants dropped an average of 17 lbs each (10.5% of their overall body weight and 16% of their overall bodyfat!). Six patients lost so much they shifted from a "pre-obese" body mass index to "normal." And best of all, no one reported any side effects.

How Do Green Coffee Beans Work?

They do their thing via two different mechanisms: 1. It inhibits the release of glucose into the body so you can maintian a stable blood sugar level. This stops your body from producing insulin and dumping excess blood sugar. 2. Boosts the metabolism or the amount of fat burn-off in the liver. This leads to improved energy levels.

So, it's basically just the caffeine working right?

No! Raw green coffee beans have very little inherent caffeine in them (about a fifth found in a regular cup of coffee). When you roast green coffee beans, all of the chlorogenic acid gets burned off so the secret is to extract it from its raw form.


Green Coffee Beans are an exciting new option for folks looking to kickstart their diet. They won't make you jittery or spike your metabolism (like Ephedra and most metabolism boosters). They're about a clean a supplement as you'll find. Give it a shot if you need a little help during your weight loss journey.

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I had a bad experience back during the Ephedra craze and was a little leery getting into anything that's supposed to boost your metabolism. But after some hesitation I finally gave the Coffee Bean Max product a try. My first impression? No annoying taste and it went down easy. I guess it was about 10 minutes in and I felt a smoothe little "kick". Something was happenin'. That was about the extent of it and I continued with the daily regimine for 4 weeks. Well, much to my surprise, I lost 4 lbs! It was a pretty slow month for me on the exercise front too (work was crazy). Very few morning workouts and I ate an average diet for me (which is to say I cheated a few times). After that first month, I'm real optimistic with the product's potential and have already placed my re-order. Fingers crossed!
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